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Personalized Etched Gifts

Personalized Etched Gifts

Located in sunny Scottsdale Arizona, our team of craftsmen is dedicated to producing unique gifts and household wares. Far from just a trophy shop, our products are functional in addition to being beautiful. Whether it s a cheese board, wine glasses, or home decor, Everything Etched will handcraft your personal item with care.

Customers love the quality and quick turn around time on our work, and if you live locally in the Phoenix metro area you can even pickup in person. Each order is custom made by hand and shipped worldwide. All engraving is done in house. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination.    


The Difference of Etching and Engraving

Everything Etched Engraving Machine

The artwork we etch and engrave is permanent and won't wash off. It s not a sticker or printed on which can fade over time.

We use laser engravers to carve out the design in the wood and etch into the glass.... This results in a dishwasher safe finish that is guaranteed for a lifetime.

Everything Etched Artwork Everything Etched Artwork Everything Etched Artwork Everything Etched





The artwork can be any flat design. The etching process on glass doesn’t convey gradients or shading needed for our quality finished look. We’ll make sure to let you know if a design you provided can’t be used.


What To Expect When Ordering

Each of our personalized items is custom made per order. This requires a little more interaction with our customers after their purchase compared to other online stores. We include you in the process and will send you a design proof of your requested artwork before we do anything else. So you’ll know exactly what to expect. All designs are made by a human designer and not a software program.


“Came a lot faster than I thought it was going to! I think my friend is going to love it, super personal. I appreciated the proof I got to see before hand to make sure it looked the way I wanted :)” - Serrena E.

#1 Purchasing

    Find the perfect item for your special occasion and either select from one of our 50+ designs that you can personalize or upload your own. Make sure any custom artwork is monochromatic. 

    Enter your personalization details and continue to checkout and select desired shipping.


    #2 Approving Design Proof 

    Everything Etched Design Proof

    Within one business day of ordering, a member of our design team will email the design proof of your product for your approval. This will be sent to the email used at checkout. Be sure to check your spam filters if you haven t heard from us for a few days.

    You can also approve on Facebook! Just DM us your order number and we will use Messenger to send your proof!

    It s important to provide all details on your design during the purchase to help us create the correct design proof as quickly as possible. We ll work to get it right but we ll need your help to be as efficient as possible and avoid any delays.


  1. #3 Crafting and Delivery
  2.   Crafting Everything Etched

    Right after you approve the order our team gets started handcrafting it in our etching shop. We ll check the quality of each piece to ensure it meets our standards and safely packages it for delivery. We ll let you know once it ships and provide the tracking ID to monitor the shipment.

    Once it arrives, we d love to hear how much you love it!


    The Everything Etched Promise

    What started as a one man operation with only a couple of tools quickly turned into a fully loaded workshop. As Everything Etched continues to grow, our principles remain the same; high quality and great customer service.

    Welcome to the homegrown shop that is Everything Etched.

    Everything Etched

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