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Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

by Everything Etched January 13, 2020

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

You know that 3pm feeling after you've had a carb-heavy lunch and then had to settle down at your computer for work? Well, that's the way we feel about trying to find inventive romantic gifts for her--glazed over and ready for nap. Allow us to take some of the guesswork out for you. February is considered by many to be the most grueling month of the year (equivalent to the 3pm of our workday, if you will) so why not take one day to give some love? If you're treating your significant other, a single lady, or yourself, we've got a few ideas that will keep you under covers for the rest of the evening (even if it's by yourself, we won't judge).

Swiped right tinder dating white wine glass at Everything Etched for Valentines Day gifts for her


The  "swiped right" wine glass is a match made... well, on the internet. Tinder may have your Friday night hook-up, but we've got you covered with rosé all day. May carry the occasional hangover, but we'll take it over a bad pick-up line any day. This one's great for all casual wine lovers but personalized for just one.

From the quaffable clarity of the first pour to the Cabernet cloudiness of the last, you can capture every delicious memory in the wine cork holder drop box. Customized for you and your sweetheart, this baby holds between 300 and 400 corks. The mahogany drop box always goes quickly so plan ahead (also comes in a black finish). Raise a glass. Drop a cork. Repeat.

While science has disproved the myth that sulfites cause headaches, there's some evidence that they may cause allergic reactions in some people. Wherever you stand on the matter, the Ullo wine purifier does double duty at extracting sulfites as well as aerating your wine. A win-win for the wine lover on your list!


So, you've met, married, and moved in together (maybe not in that order). Mark the milestones with personalized wood wall art that captures the best days in your life. This laser engraved memento measures at 18" x 24", is made from birch plywood, and is hand stained and then engraved. Not for wallflowers.

Personalized cheese board. Valentines day gifts for her at Everything Etched.

For the quintessential hostess--the Martha Stewart of the house who seems to have everything--a  personalized cheese board set made of non-endangered acacia wood and includes a cheese knife set. Personalize with an inside joke for a gift that's extra cheesy. Perfect for when the candy heart sayings just aren't cutting it anymore. 

Valentine's Day isn't complete unless you're cozy on the couch with a custom-made pillow. This elegant and understated pillow is no frills, with a burlap cover and custom contrast printing. 


Grab a personalized pocket mirror and say "I choose you" before the unnecessary pressure of Valentine's Day sinks in. The combo mirror is made from durable Rosewood and has both a standard mirror and a magnifying mirror. It's better than sending yourself flowers and will keep longer than your last relationship.

Recently divorced and looking? "Take a shot! I just untied the knot!" shot glass is smoother than any OkCupid pickup line but cheeky enough to draw a hearty chuckle from any barmate. Perfect if the only ring you're searching for comes on a bar napkin. Bottoms up!

Bad girls throughout history book. Valentines day gifts for her.

For your feminist friend, Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shen is a fun mix of rich knowledge and playful illustrations. She challenges the status quo and so should your gift. Ditch the chocolates (or keep them for yourself) and give something that inspires.
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