How to Make Thanksgiving Special, Even in a Pandemic

by Everything Etched November 13, 2020

How to Make Thanksgiving Special, Even in a Pandemic


Thanksgiving 2020 is upon us, and if we have learned anything from surviving these “uncertain times” so far, it’s that our emotional connections to our friends and family are more important than ever. Sure we’ll be socially distanced, and sure the trip to the supermarket to buy that perfect Turkey will be double the anxiety this year - but that doesn’t change that Thanksgiving can still be heartfelt, inviting, and special.

Here are some items that are sure to warm the heart and bring smiles to the faces of your (in-person or digital) dinner guests. 


Personalized Recipe Holder

This is the perfect way to feel like you're bringing Grandma or mom into the kitchen with you. This recipe holder can stand tablets, phones, cookbooks, or your classic handwritten recipe in plain view nicely in your kitchen. A literal standing reminder of who taught you how to whisk so well. 

Personalize this design with a name of your choosing  here 

Make your own custom design or engrave a family recipe here


Engraved Serving Spoons

Can’t be there in person to chastise your family for picking at food before it’s served? Hand-slapping be gone, now it’s sassy spoons. These serving spoons are a cute long-distance way to remind people to “Eat Your Greens” or “Share the potatoes Bob!” or whatever fun quip would work for your family and friends. The possibilities are endless, not to mention these are a steal of a deal at $15.50 for a set of 2! 

Make your own custom serving spoons here


Etched Glass Coasters

Subtle but sassy - These glass coasters are such a fun way to bring in some personality while keeping it classy. Each set contains Thanksgiving puns with sayings like "activate feast mode" and "hey pumpkin." You can even pick which puns you want in your set. Place these at your table for a fun conversation piece or send them out as a gift to your socially distanced pal. 

Get yourself a fun set here

Shop all designs  here

Etched Wine Glasses

Going digital this Thanksgiving dinner? Order personalized wine glasses and have them shipped to each member of your family. The online cheers will feel so much more connected when everyone’s matching glasses appear on screen! There are tons of designs to choose from on but if you want to make your own special message like the picture above then order your custom glasses here


Wine Cork Holder

What touches the heart more than memories? These cork holder drop boxes are the perfect piece of decor to pull out for Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving! Drop in a cork for every time you pop the top on a delicious bottle of vino and you’ll have a box full of memories. Go for the large size to hold corks over the span of a few years! You can even use sharpie to write on the corks and you’ll have a visual representation of how much wine is required to spend Thanksgiving with your family over the years ;) 

Shop this Friendsgiving Drop Box here

Shop all sizes and designs here

There’s plenty of creative ways to introduce a personal touch to your Thanksgiving this year. if you’re looking for even more options check out all of the Thanksgiving items now available on Everything Etched right here!

Everything Etched
Everything Etched

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