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How to Choose Personalized Gifts for Everyone On Your List

by Everything Etched November 23, 2018

How to Choose Personalized Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Finding and selecting the perfect gift for everyone on your list is no joke. There are so many different relationships to consider in your life - maybe a spouse, significant other, best friend, sister, mother, brother, father, and favorite aunt. The list can be long, and it can be daunting. Instead of falling into the classic “here’s a gift card” rut, we recommend choosing a personalized gift instead.

Here’s how to choose the perfect personalized gifts for your friends and family (without breaking a sweat!)

How to Choose Personalized Gifts for Everyone On Your List

personalised gifts

1) Make a list of everyone you need a gift for.

This sounds silly, but it’s so important! The last thing you need is to forget someone on your list and find yourself scrambling the night before. Let’s be honest, starting November 1st the shops and parking lots are full, and a little crazy. You can avoid the last minute stress by making a comprehensive list right now.

2) Pick an adjective to describe each person on the list.

Next to everyone’s name on your list, choose one or two adjectives to describe them and what they like. This will help you to easily choose personalized gifts for them later on. For example, if you describe your grandmother as “sophisticated” and “classic” then you know you can eliminate the idea of getting her a gift that’s silly and whimsical. If your brother is described as “goofy”, then you might want to personalize a gift that makes him laugh.

3) Choose a gift they would actually use.

This part is crucial - no one wants a gift that just sits in the back of their closet, unused and forgotten. Think about what they do everyday. Does your mother drink coffee every morning? Well, then a  personalized  coffee mug might be exactly what she needs!

4) Personalize it based on the adjective you chose!

If you’ve bought a set of champagne glasses for your sophisticated gardening grandmother, have the glassware personalized with a gorgeous rose design. If your goofy older brother loves gaming and pints of beer, personalize his pint glass with a character from his favorite game.

The possibilities are literally endless. You can be creative while leaving behind the stress of bouncing from store to store, desperately trying to find the perfect present.

The best part about choosing personalized gifts from Everything Etched is that you only need to visit one place (and never have to leave the couch!)

At Everything Etched , we have everything you could possibly need to fulfill your holiday gift list this year online. From gorgeous glassware pieces to fun wooden frames , bar tools , and beer caddies , we know you’ll find something everyone will love. Plus, it’s easy to choose a product online, send your design ideas to Everything Etched, and then sign off on it before it’s engraved. Talk about one-stop shopping! Everyone who opens one of your gifts this year will be dying to know where you got it (and you don’t have to keep it a secret).

So visit Everything Etched today and get your holiday shopping done all at once! You’ll finally be able to sip your eggnog feeling stress-free.

Personalized gifts always make the perfect statement. Click here to personalize your next gift today.

Everything Etched
Everything Etched

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