An Interview with Everything Etched Founder

by Everything Etched August 31, 2018

An Interview with Everything Etched Founder

The company culture at Everything Etched is strong. We have a great team and an inspiring, creative environment that may make others a bit jealous. The best part - we’re able to regularly help people express themselves through meaningful, beautifully engraved or etched gifts.

None of this would be possible without an ambitious leader. So, this month, we sat down with Everything Etched President and Founder, Tyler Cadwell, to dig a little deeper into his story, his business and some fun things he’s experienced along the way. Read more to get to know the man behind the engraving business. He just might surprise you!

Why did you start Everything Etched?

I love to create and I love to travel. I was searching for something that lets me do both since I was 20. I knew running my own business could give me the freedom to travel, so I was always trying to start one. It wasn’t until a made an etched gift for my mother one Christmas that I stumbled on what later would become the starting point of Everything Etched. This company gives me endless possibilities to create unique pieces and my amazing team allows me to travel the world a few times a year.

What’s your background? What were you doing before starting your business?

My background is not in engraving. Before I started this company I had never engraved a single thing. My background is actually in Film Production. Through all of high school and the first part of college, I thought I wanted to be a Cinematographer. I worked on many sets and shot movies, commercials and music videos. It just end up not being exactly what I was looking for. Right before I decided to take Everything Etched from a side hobby to a full time business, I was working as a bartender.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve engraved?

I’ve seen quite a bit, we don’t really restrict what people put on their items as long as it’s in good taste. The dirty humor or inappropriate jokes will always make me laugh because it will come from people that you least expect it. Since I can’t list those on here, one that sticks out in my memory was one that was on a red wine glass: “The blood of my enemies… J/K it’s wine”

What’s the sweetest thing you’ve engraved?

I like doing peoples’ wedding vows. I love seeing two people so in love with each other and how they express it in words.

What’s your favorite engraved gift from Everything Etched?

My favorite is the Wood Wall Map . The wood is a beautiful grey-blue and it’s has this great rustic feel. It makes such a statement on any wall. The wood can hold so much detail and gives off that wonderful burnt wood smell. Plus it represents travel for me.

Do you have any tips for someone looking to personalize a gift from Everything Etched?

Think timeless. Etching is permanent and most of our items are put on display or used daily. If you are getting someone a glass for their birthday, etch something about them like their name or a saying. If you just do “happy birthday”, it’s great for that one day of the year, but it’s not timeless and they might not use it outside of their birthday.

Last question - what’s a fun and/or interesting fact about you that not many people know?

A few little known facts about me -

  • I’ve broken 5 bones. Collar bone being 3 of those times. I’m kind of a thrill seeker.
  • I’ve been to 27 countries
  • I can touch my nose with my tongue

We hope you enjoyed learning more about our founder’s journey and the motivation behind Everything Etched! Now that you know a bit more about Tyler, check out our Everything Etched website to see “everything” that we offer! From custom cutting boards to sophisticated champagne glasses, you’re sure to find something for any (and every) occasion.

Everything Etched
Everything Etched

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