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Etched Glasses Wrapped Up for Spooky Season

by Liz Ann Cadwell October 05, 2021

Etched Glasses Wrapped Up for Spooky Season

We all know and love the warmth and coziness that fall brings. The scent of spiced candles everywhere you go, the pumpkins that magically seem to sprout on everyones doorsteps, and the ability to break out all your softest sweaters. But what we love just a little bit more than the warmth of fall, is the chill of Halloween. 

While we have an appreciation for "spooky season" we don't always love the tacky decor covered in orange and purple (seriously who decided these were the colors of Halloween). That's why this year Everything Etched wanted to create a few Halloween items that would encapsulate the style and taste of people like us. People who want to create a witchy apothecary bar top, that would involve NO glitter and ALL class. We wanted these products be understated yet eye catching so we decided to launch cocktail glasses with Halloween designs etched all the way around the glass. Finally, classy Halloween home decor you'll be proud to show off. 


Introducing Our Etched Halloween Cocktail Glasses!




Design: BATS

Did you know that a group of bats is often called a cauldron? Seems appropriate as this cauldron will be used to hold your favorite witches brew, or whiskey, or tequila. The etched bats elegantly wrap all the way around the glass. These are sure to be a hit at a Halloween party or event. 

Shop the BATS cocktail glass here.  






Design: WEBS

Look no further for classy yet spooky Halloween home decor. These glasses were just launched a  week before  the writing of this blog and already they are one of our most popular designs this season! The etched spider webs are semi transparent making them look remarkably reel. The design will wow your friends and family and would make The Crypt Keeper very proud. 

Shop the WEBS cocktail glass here. 






Personalized Design: ALLWORK

Calling all fans of The Shining! This All Work and No Play glass can be personalized with the name of your choice! This cocktail glass is perfect for whiskey, tequila, or of course redrum. Who better to inspire your Halloween home decor than the spine tingling master himself, Stephen King. 

Shop the ALLWORK cocktail glass here. 





Design: OUIJA

Light the sage and summon a phantom friend because these Ouija board whiskey glasses need to be on display. The glass has the classic spirit board etched all around the bodice and it is the perfect mix of stylish and macabre. It will be your favorite Halloween table decor or will make a great witchy gift. 

Shop the OUIJA cocktail glass here. 




Why Etched Glassware is better than Vinyl

Etched glassware feels a bit more luxurious than vinyl printing because it actually scratches into the surface of the glass. Glass has tiny air pockets beneath the surface and when exposed and hit with sunlight, candlelight, or another light source it can create refracted light which is what makes it glitter so nicely (you just survived a science lesson). Plus, and this is a big plus, it's dishwasher safe! It won't peel off like vinyl would after a few washes because etching is permanent. 

Liz Ann Cadwell
Liz Ann Cadwell

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