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How to Make the Perfect Gift Basket With Etched Glass Gifts

by Everything Etched October 25, 2018

How to Make the Perfect Gift Basket With Etched Glass Gifts

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means? Time to start your holiday shopping. Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to start thinking about gifts for the ones you love - time flies faster than you can blink!

And what’s the best way to say you care? By creating a personalized, DIY gift basket, complete with etched glass gifts.

A DIY gift basket is essential for that “hard to shop for” person on your list. Here are 4 easy tips for putting one together.

4 Simple Tips to Make a DIY Gift Basket for the Holiday Season

Decide on a theme.

The theme of the gift basket will determine everything that goes into it. For example, if you are creating a basket for an uncle who loves the Philadelphia Eagles, you will want to include items related to the sports team, such as a Philly Philly glass . If you’re creating a basket for a mother-in-law who loves a glass of wine and a soak in the bathtub, add items that will help her to have a relaxing evening at home.

Choose a color scheme.

This is optional, but it does make the gift basket appear professionally done. Choosing a color scheme is also a nice way of showing that you know your loved one well. If you choose items that are their favorite color, they will probably love everything in the basket even more. If your niece loves purple and white, choose a purple and white throw blanket along with a bottle of purple nail polish. It will give the basket a finished look.

Choose 4 items that are ready to use or consume.

This is the most important element in creating a DIY gift basket. The best gift is one that’s ready for use immediately and will last a long time. Choose 4 gifts that are meaningful, well-made, and personalized for their immediate use.

For example, choosing a candle, a throw blanket, a bar of chocolate, and a personalized etched wine glass would make a beautiful combination of gifts. Each one is easily used and sophisticated.

In fact, adding etched glass gifts it the best way to personalize the gift basket for your loved one.

At Everything Etched, we can create any design on most any glassware including ones from our selection or one you choose and bring by for us to etch. From quotes, to inside jokes and funny or sweet images, we can do it all. Visit our collection of etched glass gifts here and start dreaming of perfect ways to show how much you care this holiday season.

Add the final, finishing touch.

Lastly, choose a basket that will easily hold all 4 of your chosen items. You can choose wood, wicker, or any other basket you might find. Place all of the items inside so that they can all be easily seen, shrink wrap, and tie a colorful ribbon around the top. Then, you’re ready to “wow” everyone on your list!

Bonus personalization : If you choose a wood container, get that engraved too! Look here for some inspiration for wood engravings .

Take the stress out of gift-giving this holiday season and DIY your very own gift baskets. Tailor them to anyone on your list who’s difficult to shop for. The look of surprise and awe on their faces when they receive one of your personalized gift baskets will be worth it!

Looking to order perfectly etched glass gifts for your gift basket? Click here to personalize your next gift today.

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