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Creative Anniversary Gifts for the First 15 Years of Marriage

by Everything Etched December 27, 2018

Creative Anniversary Gifts for the First 15 Years of Marriage

Choosing the right anniversary gifts for your significant other can be tough, especially the longer you’re together. Life gets busier every year and, while you want to give them something meaningful, your idea well has run a little dry. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of anniversary gifts for your first 15 years of marriage.

Take the guessing out of gift-giving and choose from our list below. We’ve taken a creative spin on the traditional gifts for each year of marriage. Your partner is sure to love any of the original items we’ve highlighted for each year.

Anniversary Gifts for the First 15 Years of Marriage

1 Year: Paper

Go the traditional route and create a personalized photo album with pictures from your fantastic first year using Shutterfly . Or, turn the tradition on its head and get “paper” tickets for your loved one for their favorite show or band. Check out all the latest shows and concerts here .

2 Years: Cotton

After two amazing years of marriage, perhaps you both are settling into daily life with each other. Or, maybe you’ve been sharing daily life together long before you ever got married. Either way, there’s no better time than now to treat yourselves to some brand new cotton sheets . Nothing feels better than sliding into fresh sheets at the end of a long day, so celebrate your second year of love with a new set.

3 Years: Leather

Take a unique twist on the traditional 3rd anniversary gift of leather and choose this awesome leather photo print . It’s a really unique way to preserve one of your favorite memories with each other.

4 Years: Fruit & Flowers

After four years, you might have already gotten (and given) your fair share of flowers. Step up your flower game to the next level and order a unique bouquet, wreath, or potted plant from Farmgirl Flowers .

Their arrangements are creative, lovely, and awe-inspiring. Plus, if you choose a potted plant, your partner will be able to enjoy the gift for years to come.

5 Years: Wood

Five years is a special first milestone of marriage. So much has changed in five years, but your love for each other remains strong. Celebrate you and your partner with one of these gorgeously engraved wood products from Everything Etched.

Choose from a cutting board , beer caddy , wine box , picture frame , or phone case . You can choose to have any (or all) personalized and engraved with a special image, quote, last name, wedding date, and more.

Whatever you want to share with your special person, be sure to personalize your wooden gift to show them that you care. Order your gift here .

6 Years: Iron

Your 6th anniversary is the traditional anniversary during which you give candy or iron to your better half. Candy represents the sweetness of marriage, while iron symbolizes the durability of partnership. Romance your partner all over again with this incredible iron rose that will stand the test of time.

7 Years: Copper

Beat the seven year itch with these luxurious copper mugs and copper wine cups . You and your partner will feel particularly fancy as you sip on your drink out of this modern drinkware. Perfect for your favorite bottle of wine or to mix up some anniversary Moscow Mules.

Either way, use these to celebrate your love for each other by having them engraved with a special note or your last names. Order yours here .

8 Years: Bronze

Celebrate eight beautiful years together with this bronze custom music sheet . Use the notes from your first dance at your wedding or a favorite song you’ve both come to love. This is the perfect present that you can hang in your home for years to come.

9 Years: Pottery

Nine years ago you exchanged rings. Remind your partner about that special moment by giving him or her this incredible white ceramic faceted ring. Every time they wear it, it’s sure to put a smile on their face. Order one here .

10 Years: Tin

You’ve shared a decade together - wow! Traditionally, 10 years of marriage is celebrated with a gift of tin or aluminum. Tin anniversary gifts can be difficult to find, but we’ve picked the perfect one. Surprise your partner with this elegant tin heart shaped necklace .

11 Years: Steel

“Steel” their heart again and show them how much you love them (and the Earth) with these steel water bottles , steel wine tumblers , and steel pint glasses .

Better yet, you can personalize any or all of these products to make them extra special.

Put the year you were married, an inside joke, or the names of your children. There’s no limit to how you can personalize these gorgeous steel gifts. Order yours here .

12 Years: Silk

Silk and linen, which represent comfort and luxury, are the traditional materials used to celebrate a 12th wedding anniversary. Surprise your partner with some fun for the office and choose one of these novelty silk ties . He’ll think of you every time he puts it on.

13 Years: Lace

There are so many gorgeous lace gifts that you could get to celebrate 13 wonderful years. However, if you’re looking to get creative, turn the traditional material of lace on its head and give the gift of “laces”!

Choose a new pair of Nike’s for your loved one in their favorite color so they can enter 13 years of marriage in style.

14 Years: Ivory

Traditionally, ivory is the material used for anniversary gifts for 14 years of marriage. However, these days it’s not very ethical to give actual ivory. You can still celebrate 14 years with one of these fabulous alternatives!

Get this lovely faux ivory shaving set that does the job and looks great on your bathroom sink. Or, help to reverse the damage done by ivory trading by purchasing a soft pair of sweatpants from Ivory Ella , a company that donates a portion of their profits to saving the elephants.

15 Years: Crystal

Crystal is one way to celebrate your epic 15 years of marriage. However, if you find yourself on a budget, some personalized glassware is a meaningful way to say “I love you” without breaking the bank. Especially if you’re trying to save up for your kids’ college or maybe a retirement plan.

Choose from an ornate whiskey decanter to an Irish coffee mug set , or some stemless wine glasses. You can have each of them monogrammed or engraved with a special (or funny) saying. After 15 years, celebrate with class and some beautiful glassware. Order yours here .

Now you’re ready to say “I love you” again and again with these incredible anniversary gifts for the first 15 years of marriage.

Personalised gifts always make the perfect statement. Click here to personalize your anniversary gift today.





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