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Cheese Board Designs for the Perfect At-Home Happy Hour

by Everything Etched July 20, 2018

Cheese Board Designs for the Perfect At-Home Happy Hour

Summer is the time for parties - whether an intimate, grilled salmon dinner for four or a big, boisterous BBQ on the weekend, summer is the height of socializing. If you’re hosting a party or attending one, everyone knows an awesome charcuterie board is the best way to kickstart the summer party season. Here are some of our favorite cheese board designs that will make the perfect gift for the cheese-loving summer-socializer in your life (or yourself!).

Personalized Cheese Board Designs for Any Occasion

Thank You Gift for Host/Hostess

Be the guest with the best gift - these cheese board designs can be tailored to your liking. Are the host and hostess classy with sophisticated tastes? Keep the designs simple and pretty. Do they love Star Wars? Get one with a Stormtrooper etched on the front. Do they have a great sense of humor? The possibilities are endless!

Birthday Gift for the Wine & Cheese Lover

Are you in desperate need of a birthday gift for the wine and cheese lover in your life? Look no further than our monogrammed wine bottle cheese board that you can personalize however you’d like!

It’s the gift that truly encompasses this dual love affair - who doesn’t want to eat brie off of a board shaped like a wine bottle? We’re pretty sure it makes the cheese taste especially gouda.

Wedding Present for the Happy Couple

Wedding season can be stressful, even if you are just the guest. How do you find the perfect gift that really expresses your joy for the new couple? A personalized, monogrammed cheese board of course! These personalized cheese boards can be designed with the new couple’s last name, family crest, or anything else you might think of. It’s a really special gift that they’ll be sure to pull out every anniversary as a reminder of their big day.

Housewarming Gift (Great for Realtors!)

Whether you’re visiting a friend’s new home or you’re a realtor who just closed the deal, cheese boards make for a fantastic housewarming gift.

For realtors, not only do they serve as a happy reminder of owning a new home, but they’re a great way to leave your mark in a subtle, professional way. Realtors love our cheese boards because they are beautifully designed and we can etch their logo on the back . Now every time that new homeowner pulls out their board, they’ll be reminded of the realtor who found their dream home. They might even throw a referral or two your way.

A Present to Yourself

Let’s be honest - these cheese board designs have peaked your interest and you’re thinking of getting one for yourself. There is no shame in that! There’s nothing more fun than designing your own cheese board with a favorite movie character or an inside joke. It’s exactly what you need to make happy hour at home a complete experience. We say, treat yourself!

Everything Etched has got your charcuterie covered.

At Everything Etched , we have a nearly endless capacity to come up with the exact design and item that you want. Pair your perfectly personalized cheese board with a set of personalized wine glasses , and you’re sure to be crowned gift-giver of the year. Check out everything we have to offer here and get creative - the designs you have in mind are sure to be a big hit.

Looking to order one of our personalized cheese board designs for the summer party season? Click here to personalize the perfect gift today .
Everything Etched
Everything Etched

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