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7 Gift Ideas Using Etched Coffee Mugs

by Everything Etched September 20, 2018

7 Gift Ideas Using Etched Coffee Mugs

Let’s face it - there are a lot of important people in your life! From your parents to your siblings, to your best friends (near and far) and not to mention your significant other. When their birthdays or a holidays arrive, how do you say “you’re awesome!” to all of them without breaking the bank? By giving the gift they’ll use over and over again: an etched coffee mug.

Whether the receiver loves coffee, tea, or plain ol’ water, they’ll love drinking out of a coffee mug created specifically for them. Here are 7 gift ideas for etched coffee mugs that you won’t be able to resist.

7 Ideas for Gifting Etched Coffee Mugs This Season

For the newlyweds.

It can be tough to decide what to get a newly married couple. Choosing a gorgeously crafted etched set of mugs is the right way to go. This etched mug is perfect for any new couple - the monogrammed design makes it a classic, while the glass gives it a modern twist. They’ll enjoy drinking out of these mugs every morning in the start of their new life together - and you’ll be the hero of the wedding gifts.

For the pet-owner.

Do you have a friend who’s the proud mother (or father) of a fur baby? Show them that you too appreciate their relationship with their dog-child. Customize this coffee mug to reflect that love with a saying such as “Dog Mom for Life” or “Fluffy’s Dad”. You can even customize it with an image of a dog or cat (or fish, or parakeet… the list goes on.). Doesn’t get much better than their pet’s mug...on a mug.

For the quote lover.

Is your significant other a meme-fiend? Have they decorated your home with popular quotes and sayings? Then this etched coffee mug is for them! Choose from some of our existing quotes, use this 2018 best memes list as motivation or create your own.

For your mom.

Your mom is the greatest and she deserves a customized, etched mug for her coffee every morning (or maybe seven mugs - one for each day!). Choose from any of our existing mom and Mother’s Day designs or create your own. Let her know how special she is to you with this personalized (and lovely) gift. Plus, we even offer designs for the brand new mom. It’s perfect for baby showers, or to help them get through those first few months of sleeplessness.

For your dad.

Don’t forget about dear old dad. We offer some fantastic etched designs for Father’s Day, for new dads, and for your dad. No need to share all the gushy feelings (unless you want to). Show Dad how much you care by giving him one of these glass etched mugs for his morning brew.

For your homesick friend.

Is your best friend from out-of-state? Or perhaps your best friend just moved away for her significant other, a new job, or graduate school? Whatever the reason, let her know that home is where the heart is with this beautifully etched design . Now she can think of home whenever she’s sipping tea or coffee from this special mug.

For your Irish friend (or the one who wishes they were!)

Doesn’t matter if it’s St. Patrick’s Day or not, anyone can appreciate a good Irish coffee. For anyone in your life who’s Irish (or just a big fan of the drink), gift them with this personalized and sophisticated etched Irish coffee mug . It’s a bit of sass and a lot of class - they’ll be sure to enjoy their favorite beverage even more when using this mug.

It’s clear that an etched coffee mug can say a lot without a lot of effort. It’s truly the perfect gift for any occasion, and for any important person in your life. So let them know how much you care and choose a personalized etched coffee mug today!

Looking to order one of our summer favorites before the season ends? Or perfectly etched glassware ? Click here to personalize your next gift today.

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