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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

by Cassie OConnor December 03, 2021

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season break away from the traditional gifts of a tie for dad, a sweater for grandma, and a gift card for your mailman.  Two words… Personalize It!

Everything Etched is the place to shop for gifts that your family and friends will treasure forever.  What can be better than dad drinking out of his beer mug with a special message meant just for him, or grandma sipping her tea from her mug with her grandkids’ names on it, or your mail person drinking out of their tumbler with an inspirational saying.  Someday those sweaters and ties will be donated but your personalized gift is something they'll love too much to let go.   All products here are available on EverythingEtched.com and if you don’t see something in this list that fits your fancy, then bring in your own product to us to be engraved and we will work our magic.

For Dad:



First up is the I Need This glass that can be customized with the reason dad drinks. Twin boys? A daughter getting married? Ease the pain with a cold brew in a personalized glass. 





Honor the patriarch in the family with these engraved cork coasters.  These cork coasters come in a set of 4 and even have a holder for them when they're not in use. Customized with a family name and an antler design so nice even mom will be on board with using these everyday. 





Like Father, Like Daughter - or Son! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree... and also apples make great ciders. Celebrate both of those things with these personalized beer glasses. The design includes your family name etched into the design. 





Don't limit Dad to just the grill! If he's a connoisseur in the kitchen then snag him a pair of custom kitchen spoons. Engrave them with an inside joke, his name or any text of your choice.



For Mom:


A carafe is the perfect gift for someone who already has everything! It's something they can use for hosting, is great for water, wine, or juices in a mimosa bar! This one is personalized with a beautiful floral initial of your choice plus the option to add a name and date! 





Looking for something extra special? Our recipe cutting boards capture their favorite recipe (new or passed down through generations) engraved on this large elegant cutting block. You can choose to send in a photo of a handwritten recipe for us to engrave, or we can lay it out typed for a neater look. 





Sometimes Moms come in all different forms! Be it a stepmom, mother-in-law, adoptive mom or just a family friend that went above and beyond, show them you care with this lovely, etched bonus mom wine glass




This laser cut wood sign is such a great decorative piece for any home. While it's listed as a wedding sign it can certainly be made for a family name and used as permanent wall art. It's a significant size and weight and will move mom to tears to see something so custom and unique under the tree. 



For Sister:


Does sis have a love for her home state? Maybe she has a special place in heart for that college town that made so many memories. Maybe she's moved out of state and needs a reminder of her original home. Either way these etched home glasses are a great way to incorporate her love that special spot. Personalized with any state and the marker over any city!




This wine goblet is customized with the first and last name of your choosing. The design features a beautiful modern font and the etching is elegant and dishwasher safe! It's a great design for any person really! 





Make it a "Schitty" Christmas with these Schitt's Creek inspired kitchen spoons. They make for a great stocking stuffer and because they are laser engraved the design on the spoons is permanent and food safe!





All Work and No Play Makes ____ a Dull Girl. Originally known as dull boy from the movie the Shining, this glass is a great way to say the hustle in me recognizes the hustle in you. Personalize it with their name and choose from either gender.


For Brother:



Is your brother an outdoorsmen? Then this glass is the perfect gift for him! The glass is personalized with his name, laser etched, and features a design with a hiker in the mountains. It's the next best thing to gifting mountain air. 




It takes a true fan to recognize this design right away! This is our Die Hard themed holiday glass. An etched commemorative Nakatomi Plaza Holiday Party Glass. John McClane would be sport this in his kitchen proudly.




This fancy whiskey decanter comes laser etched with your brother's initials. It's classy, refined, and will make him feel like a real grown up - even if you've told him otherwise at least 100 times. 






Is your brother a grill master? Get him his very own engraved grill spatula. Add his name, initials, or your own text. The spatula itself features a a beer opener on it and grated teeth on the side for easy moving on the grill.



Significant Other:



Celebrate your love for one another with this cheeseboard and wine glass set! Engraved with two names and an established date it's a lovely addition for any happy couple. 





Start their morning off with a smile. These etched mugs come with our design that reads "I'm so glad we swiped right" with the option to add a custom message to the backside.





Surprise your sweetie with a new ornament for the year. This design comes in both natural wood and a metallic copper color. Whether you're married 50+ years or just dating this ornament can work for any couple. 

Cassie OConnor
Cassie OConnor

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